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Nofie Supports the Direct Booking Movement by Empowering Travel Options

Author    |    Publish Date 09/27/2023

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Author   Morgan Levy   09/27/2023

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Nofie is empowering travel options for hosts and guests alike. Watch the Nofie + Owner Rez Webinar below to learn more about Nofie, the free travel marketplace that offers guests all of their vacation rental options in one single search and highlights hosts direct booking platforms. 

Below are some key takeaways from the webinar.

Empowering Guests with Nofie

Nofie allows guests to explore all of their vacation rental options in one search. With Nofie guests can choose to book directly with hosts through their direct booking site or through third party platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo that are also featured on Nofie. By presenting all of the options, Nofie empowers guests to make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget, ensuring they secure the best possible price for their vacation rental. Nofie also allows guests to reach out to hosts directly through their Direct Booking Site, facilitating direct communication between host and guest.

Empowering Hosts with Nofie

Nofie empowers hosts by presenting all their vacation rental choices, including the option for direct bookings, to potential guests. When you become a Nofie host, you gain the ability to increase guest traffic, including direct bookings that directly impact your revenue. Nofie also allows you to manage your booking and communication the way that best fits you and your guests.

Nofie’s Role: Connecting Guests to Hosts

Nofie is the vacation rental marketplace all about connections. Nofie empowers both guests and hosts by showcasing all of the available vacation rental options in a single search. Watch the webinar linked here to learn more about how Nofie connects guests to hosts through our free vacation rental marketplace. 

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